Web reputation

Analysis of brand or specific product reputation
and comparison with competing companies


We actively monitor the digital reputation of the top 19 pharmaceutical companies globally

We utilize AI-driven, bespoke algorithms and specialized tools, fine-tuned for the Pharma sector's specific demands, ensuring our analysis is both accurate and highly relevant to the industry's unique requirements.

Reputational risk is placed in 1st place by companies worldwide

AON - Global Risk Management Survey

Competitive advantage

Our service is the only one tailored specifically for the pharmaceutical sector and provides detailed analysis of online discussions about your and your competitors' products.

This enables the creation of data-driven communication strategies based on objective metrics, offering a clear view of your brand's reputation trajectory and direct comparison with key competitors.

Gain the exclusive insights needed to stay ahead in the pharmaceutical market.

Live reputation of pharmaceutical companies, updated right now

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Data-driven analytical approach

Our advanced ReputAction tool offers a nuanced analysis of your web reputation across diverse media channels.

It pinpoints how your brand is perceived differently, for instance, in newspapers versus on social media, and identifies the key topics driving these perceptions.

Furthermore, it spots the most influential voices and trendsetters impacting your reputation in the digital space.

Additionally, our tool adeptly evaluates public sentiment on specific healthcare topics, offering you a comprehensive understanding of their reception in the sector.


Empowering pharmaceutical professionals with web reputation

Tailored Insights for Diverse Roles.

Our Web Reputation service is highly recommended for several key roles within pharmaceutical companies:

 Marketing: stay ahead of market trends and consumer perceptions to refine marketing strategies.
 Brand Manager: monitor and enhance your brand's online image for maximum impact.
 PR Specialist / Corporate Communications: manage public perception and respond effectively to emerging trends and potential crises.
 Market Analyst & Strategy Planner: leverage detailed market insights for accurate analysis and forward-looking strategic planning.
 Market Access & Clinical Researchers: understand market dynamics and public sentiment for strategic product launches and research focus.

Enhancing Web Reputation with Artificial Intelligence

Our Web Reputation service utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze extensive online data, enhancing the depth and accuracy of our insights, to:

 Detect subtle trends and patterns
AI algorithms can identify emerging trends and shifts in public sentiment that might be missed by traditional analysis.

 Provide in-depth analysis
AI digs deeper into data, offering a more comprehensive understanding of online reputation across different channels and demographics.

 Offer predictive insights
AI can forecast potential changes in reputation, enabling proactive measures.

This AI integration ensures that our Web Reputation service provides the most advanced, detailed, and actionable insights available, keeping your company at the forefront of digital reputation management.


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