Patient Listening

What do patients of specific pathologies and their caregivers ask for based on their stage in the treatment path

Deepening understanding of Patient needs

Delving into the patient experience, our Patient Journey service focuses on discerning the unique needs and concerns of patients with specific pathologies and their caregivers at each stage of their treatment journey.


A comprehensive journey analysis

Our analysis includes detailed mapping of patient and caregiver experiences, capturing their questions, treatment responses, side effects, and overall sentiments.

 This holistic view allows for a better alignment of pharmaceutical strategies with actual patient experiences.

Harnessing community insights

Through thematic communities, we gather invaluable insights where patients and caregivers share their treatment experiences.

This "Digital Patient Journey" model captures the essence of patient and caregiver characteristics, ensuring that pharmaceutical companies can tailor their market access strategies effectively.


Maximizing pharmaceutical impact with Patient Listening analysis

For professionals in pharmaceutical companies, understanding the patient journey is crucial for aligning products and services with patient needs. Here's how different roles can benefit:

 R&D Team:  gain insights into patient experiences to inform research and development
 Market Access:  utilize patient insights to optimize product positioning and access strategies.
 Marketing: tailor marketing strategies to address specific patient concerns and stages
 Brand Manager: understand patient perspectives to shape marketing and brand strategies more effectively
 Sales: Understand patient experiences to better communicate the value of products.
 Medical Affairs: Align medical information and support services with patient needs.
 Patient Engagement: Foster meaningful engagement by addressing real patient concerns
 Clinical Researcher: gain critical insights into patient experiences to guide clinical trials and research focus.

Enhancing Patient Listening with AI

Our application of AI in the Patient Listening service revolutionizes patient understanding.

 Advanced pattern recognition
AI algorithms identify complex patterns in patient experiences and feedback.

 Predictive analysis
AI forecasts emerging patient needs and trends, allowing for proactive strategy development.

 Deep data analysis
AI delves into vast data sets, providing a richer, more nuanced understanding of the Patient Journey.

This AI integration ensures that our Patient Listening service offers unparalleled insights, empowering pharmaceutical companies to make data-driven decisions that truly resonate with patient needs.


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