Healthcare supply and demand

Management dashboards to photograph the health supply and demand in the area, for one or more pathologies of interest

Business impact model

Understanding and forecasting the supply and demand distribution for specific pathologies across regions is crucial.

Our Business Impact Model offers this vital information, enabling businesses to plan and adapt more effectively in a changing healthcare landscape.

Without data you're just another person with an opinion.

W. Edwards Deming

Comprehensive analysis for targeted healthcare delivery

Our service offers dynamic management dashboards that provide a detailed snapshot of healthcare supply and demand in various regions, focusing on specific pathologies of interest.

This tool is designed to deliver precise and actionable insights for effective healthcare management and strategy formulation.

Decision Support System

We provides an exhaustive epidemiological analysis, including:

 Epidemiological analysis
Current and future incidence and prevalence of pathologies, detailed by province

 Healthcare offer
A comprehensive overview of healthcare offerings, with hospital structures geo-located and categorized by their specialty areas

 Patient costIn-depth analysis of patient costs, comparing direct and indirect expenses across various treatment options

 Business Impact model
Economic impact analysis of new health technologies on decision-makers and payers


Benefits for Market Access

Our proprietary Spotlight Dashboard empowers Market/Patient Access, Sales Managers, and Marketing professionals to:

 identify key decision-makers and major demand influencers
 pinpoint facilities with the highest purchasing potential
 conduct detailed epidemiological analysis by geographic area
 predict and model future scenarios using the Business Impact Model


Enhancing pharmaceutical strategies with Healthcare Supply and Demand analysis

This service is highly beneficial for various roles within pharmaceutical companies:

 Market analyst and Strategy planner: gain insights into market dynamics and future trends to inform strategic planning

 Market access: understand regional healthcare supply and demand to strategize product launches and market entry.

 Sales and Marketing team: identify key decision-makers and target areas with the highest potential for product adoption.

AI-driven enhancement of Healthcare Supply and Demand

We integrate artificial intelligence to augment our Healthcare Supply and Demand service. AI is utilized to:

 Analyze complex data sets
AI processes vast amounts of data for more accurate and comprehensive insights.

  Identify patterns and trends
AI helps in recognizing emerging trends in healthcare supply and demand.

 Predict future scenarios
AI's predictive capabilities enable better forecasting of market changes and demands.

This AI integration ensures that our service offers the most advanced, detailed, and predictive analytics, crucial for strategic decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry.


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