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Update within 24 hours on everything related to the markets in which it operates, on a daily basis.

Stay ahead with timely market updates

Receive daily updates within 24 hours on all aspects of the markets you operate in.

Our service ensures you're always informed about the latest developments affecting your products, customers, competitors, and market dynamics.

The newspaper is a greater treasure to the people than uncounted millions of gold.

Henry Ward Beecher

Tailored information delivery

Our system classifies each news item by subject matter, delivering it only to relevant company members.

This targeted approach ensures you receive news summaries that matter most to you, including key points, priorities, and geographical context.

Comprehensive coverage

We offer reliable and comprehensive coverage on:

 Competitors' activities (events, congresses, trials...)
 Regional and local healthcare directives
 Treatment guidelines and HTA reports
 Interviews with medical leaders
 Sector-specific reports and studies


Maximizing the value of Healthcare News for Pharma professionals

Healthcare News is especially beneficial for:

 Marketing and Brand Manager: stay updated on market trends and competitor activities to refine your marketing and branding strategies.
 R&D Team: keep abreast of the latest research, treatment guidelines, and HTA reports to inform your research and development efforts.
 Market analyst and Strategy planner: use our comprehensive market insights to inform your market analysis and strategic planning.
 Corporate executive: receive crucial information on competitors, market dynamics, and sector developments for informed decision-making.

AI-enhanced Healthcare News analysis

Our AI technology elevates the "Healthcare News" service by offering:

 Advanced News Selection
AI algorithms sort through vast amounts of information to select the most relevant news for your industry, ensuring you only receive pertinent updates.

 Duplicate and Irrelevance Filtering
The AI system filters out duplicate stories and less important news, keeping your feed concise and focused.

 Role-Specific Highlighting
AI identifies and highlights news that is particularly relevant to specific roles within your organization, ensuring that each team member receives news that's most impactful for their work.


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