Community building

The creation of thematic communities from which to obtain unique information is a communication asset for Pharma companies

Thematic channels for specific pathologies

Establish and cultivate safe, focused environments for patients and caregivers to connect and exchange experiences, fostering a community of shared understanding and support.

Creating valuable connections

For Pharma companies, crafting thematic communities is not just about communication; it's about building a valuable information network. Our service focuses on establishing dedicated channels for specific pathologies, where patients and caregivers can engage in meaningful discussions and share experiences.

Nurturing safe spaces
We emphasize creating protected spaces on social media where users with common interests, particularly those affected by the same medical conditions, can connect, share, and learn from each other and healthcare professionals.

Value-driven engagement

Our approach to community building is grounded in three key steps: creating a dedicated space for users to connect, stimulating information sharing, and managing these spaces to ensure continuous engagement.


Associate yourself with people of good quality, for it is better to be alone than in bad company.

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Promoting health products responsibly

We also specialize in promoting over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and medical devices on social channels, utilizing advanced web-advertising techniques.


Optimizing audience engagement

Our service involves clustering users based on browsing behavior and affinities, crafting messages to capture their attention effectively.

We rigorously analyze and monitor advertising campaigns, ensuring compliance with regulations and authenticity in social media presence.

Empowering pharma professionals with Community Building

Strategic engagement for diverse roles:

 Marketing: leverage community building to gain direct insights from patients and caregivers, refining your marketing strategies.
 Brand Manager: use these communities to strengthen your brand's presence and reputation among target audiences.
 PR Specialist / Corporate communications: engage with these communities for effective public relations and crisis management.
 Market Analyst & Strategy Planner: gather valuable data from community interactions for market analysis and strategic planning.


Enhancing Community Building with Artificial Intelligence

AI-Driven Insights for Deeper Engagement.

Our use of artificial intelligence in community building enhances the effectiveness of this service:

 AI for audience analysis
AI tools analyze community data, identifying patterns and trends in user engagement and discussions.

 Predictive engagement strategies
AI predicts future trends and user needs, enabling proactive community management and content planning.

By incorporating AI, we ensure that our Community Building service is not only about creating spaces but also about fostering meaningful, data-driven interactions that resonate with both patients and the healthcare industry

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